Opening College Football Weekend 2022 Odds And Picks

I don’t have any posted college football picks to kickoff opening weekend with just seven NCAA football games on the schedule. But as part of my coverage and reporting for Forbes and other outlets, I’ve added some picks from notable handicappers in my college football opening weekend report.

I’ll be adding top-25 picks again this season and including at Offshore Gaming Association,

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Sat., Aug. 27

Brad Powers Sports – Duquesne +45.5 at Florida State (bet down sharply and settled at +41.5 at many sportsbooks.)

RAS Sports – UCONN +25 at Utah State (bet down to +23.5)

My colleague and fellow Las Vegas handicapper Brad Powers chipped-in insight and a pick on Duquesne +45.5.

FanDuel Sportsbook had Duquesne +46.5. With a live screen on the Covers YouTube channel showing the point spreads and totals from at least 15 sportsbooks, the lines moved within seconds and FanDuel was down to +43.5.

“Anytime you have a big spread like this, it’s usually about the favorite,” Powers said. “It’s about the lack of motivation with FSU having LSU on deck next week (look ahead), and the Seminoles also have some key injuries along the offensive line.”

It’s likely Florida State doesn’t play as up-tempo or show their full arsenal, and some starters could rest in the second half as well if the Seminoles open up a big lead.

I’ll be back with more college football picks and weekly top-25 games of interest looking to add more winners and information you can bet on this season.

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