Sports Betting Podcast #67: The Truth About NFL Betting Trends And What To Watch In NFL Week 3

Sports Betting Insights With NFL Week 3 And Other News You Can Bet On

The mission of TheLines is to provide our readers with sharp analysis and opinion from our team of sports betting industry experts. And that’s exactly what we do on TheLines sports betting podcast, covering the biggest, most important, and often the most ridiculous stories from the past week. Listen in as Matt BrownBrett Collson and FairwayJay cut through the crap and tackle the topics you need to know about.

The Lines Episode #67 Podcast continues with discussion and recap of NFL Week 2. We chip in thoughts and opinions on teams and games, and what to watch for in Week 3 along with market moves and look ahead lines for Week 4.

DraftKings sportsbook announces the dates for Sports Betting National Championship – Dec. 6-8 with location and site to still be determined.

I start providing a NFL trends report, and why they are mostly useless as part of our discussion on NFL Week 3 and things to watch. Two favorites (Patriots and Cowboys) are laying more than 20 points.

Podcast: Episode #67 

Intro Episode #67 Podcast @TheLines available on SoundCloud, Apple podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google.

1:00 – NFL Week 2 takeaways, teams and opinions.

7:45 – DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship set Dec. 6-8.

14:30 – Huge bet on Houston Astros. DraftKings asks for waiver on $5 million cap in New Jersey?

16:45: NFL Week 3 discussion – Huge 22+ point favorites Patriots and Cowboys. Bookmakers challenge on pricing. Quarterback Injuries and impact.

38:00 – NFL Betting Trends, and a majority of which are meaningless. Help bettors understand the noise and what to avoid.

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