NFL Betting Podcast Week 13 with @FairwayJay

Another winning week in NFL point spread prognosis and 4-1 on Top Plays week 12.  Regular Fairway Followers were even provided a Top Play Big Drive winner for free on our Monday Night analysis of the 49ers and Redskins game; a 27-6 San Francisco win.  It’s Thanksgiving Week and a special treat is available for all listeners of the NFL Betting Podcast Week 13 with @FairwayJay.

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Following the special promotion in the Podcast, FairwayJay dives right into the NFL Betting Podcast Week 13 games, including the three games Thanksgiving Day.

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The NFL Betting Podcast Week 13 features more ATS info and insight into the match-ups.  FairwayJay discusses the standings and impact as teams push for the playoffs, along with weather issues and impact.   The East Coast has storms during the week and you’ll want to follow the weather into the weekend and be ahead of the market moves.  Situational handicapping is always something to consider and follow, and we used some of that along with the improved play to cash a Top Play winner on the Rams last week over the Bears.  Of course, we discussed the match-ups and situations surrounding the Bears brutal defense which has been terribly weakened by injuries.  Result:  Rams rush for 258 yards and pound the ground and also average a week-high 7.7 yards per play in a easy 42-21 win.  That’s the Rams offense folks.  The one nobody wanted to bet on just weeks earlier and a offense that had one of the worst yards-per-play offenses in the NFL through mid-season.    We’ll  continue to analyze the match-ups and evaluated relevant rushing and statistical parameters to help us become even more proficient in point spread prognosis.   Remember, I have a proprietary data base of information and stats to guide me in many of the NFL games, but also understand the situations, match-ups and injury impact along with motivation as teams come down the stretch of the regular season.

Each week FairwayJay analyzes and discusses point of attack play as part of his handicapping of games, and points out proven profiles on teams that have success running the ball and stopping the run.  Stats are evaluated further in FairwayJay’s weekly NFL Inside the Numbers article posted Wednesday’s, but note that through week 12 games, teams that run the ball 20 times or less in a game are a combined 12-64 ATS this season.  Conversely, teams that run the ball at least 30 times per game are 79-21 ATS this season.

FairwayJay provides insight, analysis and opinions on sides to support along with totals of interest on the NFL Betting Podcast Week 13.  Listen to this week’s Podcast and get involved with weekly or monthly membership at reduced rates, and Top Play members join each week for just $39 – all inclusive NFL, CFB, NBA and CBB top plays each week!  But the special Top Play Club offer is for a limited time and you’ll want to sign up by Thanksgiving Day for the most benefit.   Start your Pursuit of Profit here and start winning more with FairwayJay.

Tune into the Vegas Sports Zone NFL Betting Podcast Week 13 this week and let FairwayJay guide you to the green as he provides handicapping information with insight and analysis you can bet on.

Author: FairwayJay is a leading national sports betting analyst, writer, handicapper and sports betting insider providing insight and information you can bet on for nearly two decades from Las Vegas. He chips in additional sports betting coverage and reporting on industry news and events for leading media and sports betting sites and companies. Follow him on X (Twitter): @FairwayJay