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Why choose VegasSportsZone’s Sports Services?

We provide our members with proven sports handicapping advice, FairwayJay is a recognized leader as one of the sports industries insightful point spread prognosticators. He has 20+ years of experience getting bettors out of the ‘rough’ and into the ‘green.’ He provides sports selections with thoughts, analysis and expertise as a proven and profitable point-spread prognosticator.

What do I get when I become a VegasSportsZone Member?

Once you have signed up and your payment is received you will have access to all of our members only sports services, which includes but not limited to our weekly sports selections. Depending on which membership level you have signed up for you will be able to instantly see the most current members only posts with our exclusive selections for you to use each month.

I am not a huge sports bettor, is this service for me?

YES! With our members only sports services you will position yourself to instantly become a profitable punter over the course of the season, even a small to medium bettor can drastically improve their odds to having a profitable season when they use our services.

How do you rate your plays?

I use a rating system for my selections, while I can’t control how you bet, your bankroll or if you add parlays, teasers or other bets to your weekly wagers, I try to provide a guideline in terms of my selections. I rate official plays 10* (1-unit), 15* Big Drive (1.5 units) and 20* Big Bertha (2-units). I also provide many opinions on games, and rate those 5*. You may bet those as you see fit, but they are not included in any overall records although I will mention opinions and winners in some of my marketing/twitter/etc. I will also provide some plays as ‘leans’ and/or leans/opinions.

Do you add thoughts on your selections?

I have a “notes” section in my selection table, with time permitting I always try and give you my quick take on why I choose that particular side. I also have a members chat which I will tweet when I am available to answer members betting questions.

Should you have any questions about betting, money management or other service related or sports questions, fire me an email at

I’m also available for individual telephone conversations and/or consultation for a nominal fee. These are usually 10-20 minute calls, but I’m flexible and usually arrange these conversations on Friday’s.