Sports Betting Podcast #65: NFL Week 2 Betting Insights, Recaps, Handicapping Contests And College Football Coverage

NFL Week 1 Recap, NFL Week 2 Betting Insights, Football Handicapping Contests

The Lines Episode #65 Podcast continues with discussion a recap of NFL Week 1, football handicapping contests update and coverage of NFL Week 2. That includes insights on look ahead lines, power rankings and percentage of bets at DraftKings sportsbook on NFL teams and especially high percentages on the favorites.

The college football season continues into Week 3, but no Top 25 match-ups. Line moves and futures updates includes LSU quarterback Joe Burrow moving sharply up the board.

The mission of TheLines is to provide our readers with sharp analysis and opinion from our team of sports betting industry experts. And that’s exactly what we do on TheLines sports betting podcast, covering the biggest, most important, and often the most ridiculous stories from the past week. Listen in as Matt BrownBrett Collson and FairwayJay cut through the crap and tackle the topics you need to know about.

Podcast: Episode #65 

Intro Episode #65 Podcast @TheLines available on SoundCloud, Apple podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google.

1:00 – NFL Week 1 Recap, Bets and I chip in on my 4-0 underdog winners

6:00 – NFL Handicapping contests; Final numbers SuperBook and Circa. New Super Pool NFL contest at DraftKings

15:15 – Team USA basketball loses in FIBA Quarterfinals. USA was -600 to win tourney in June

17:45 – College Football Week 3. No Top 25 matchups. Heisman odds update. LSU QB Joe Burrow now one of favorites. I comment on BYU/USC at 23:00

25:45 – NFL Week 1 Recap. Coaching decisions. Teams better or worse than expected

35:45 – PointsBet. Bettors wins $600,000 on Ravens Week 1 with Points Betting.

38:10 – NFL Week 2 – Things to watch, games on interest, my insights. Record look ahead lines, betting data from DraftKings Sportsbook, NFL Power Rankings.

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Author: FairwayJay is a leading national sports betting analyst, writer, handicapper and sports betting insider providing insight and information you can bet on for nearly two decades from Las Vegas. He chips in additional sports betting coverage and reporting on industry news and events for leading media and sports betting sites and companies. Follow him on X (Twitter): @FairwayJay