FairwayJay Crushes College Saturday with 5 Outright Underdog Winners

FairwayJay’s College Football Challenge and Underdog Winners go 6-1 Saturday

FairwayJay, a leading national sports handicapper and analyst in Las Vegas, delivered the Birdies and Green on the gridiron Saturday in college football. A 6-1 day with all underdog plays was highlighted by a 3-0 sweep on Top Plays and 5 outright underdog winners.

  • Middle Tennessee State (+10) – Won 30-23
  • Oklahoma (+7.5) won 31-16
  • San Diego State (+3) won 30-20

Additional winners included:

  • Georgia (+5.5) won 20-19
  • UNLV (+6.5) won 44-16
  • Nebraska (+13.5) lost 42-35

The loser came on Auburn (+6), who lost at Clemson 14-6 in a defensive dual. But an additional opinion play winner was provided on the huge underdog Fresno State (+43) in their 41-10 loss at Alabama.

“Week 2 of college football clearly shows the big adjustments to power ratings and teams performances opening week. But the over-reaction is often evident, and that’s why we focused on the underdogs,” said FairwayJay.

Duke was also part of ‘Fairways Foursome’ in his weekly $1,000 College Football Underdog Challenge, where FairwayJay selects four underdog plays and provides parlay payouts both on the money line and straight-up. That line on Duke (+3) dipped to +2 on Friday and +1 by Saturday when all of FairwayJay’s plays were released.

FairwayJay’s College Football Underdog Challenge

A $200 wager on each team to cover the point spread ($800).

A $40 wager on the money line for each underdog to win the game outright ($160).

A $20 wager on a 4-team Money Line Parlay ($20)

A $20 wager on a 4-team Parlay ($20)

Getting on Fairway’s Bag and Hitting his Shots and Selections won you net $568 with those four plays outlined above.

“It was a great Saturday for us watching many of our underdogs deliver,” FairwayJay added. “As strong as our results were in both the Challenge and our other isolated underdogs, it reinforces how difficult it is to hit a parlay, and especially a money-line underdog parlay.”

But the payout can be big as FairwayJay just missed a $20 money line parlay payout of $1,731 and a regular $20 4-team parlay for $220. A strong week and one to build on for the rest of the season.

This was a fun idea I decided to post and provide to assist college football fans and bettors of all levels with underdog plays and additional ways to try and profit,” said FairwayJay. “So many people like to play parlays and shoot for a bigger score, and taking a small portion of your overall wagers for a shot at a bigger payoff can be rewarding.”

A good start to the college football season as the challenge ahead continues.

Author: Vegas Sports Media

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