NFL Handicapping – SuperContest Update

A record 1,727 entries in the 2015 SuperContest FairwayJay 29-10-1 ATS and Top-5 through 8 Weeks I receive many inquiries about my football picks each week. Over the past month more bettors have become members as both my NFL and college football plays have produced plenty of profit. Members who join my service also receive my weekly NFL SuperContest picks. Following a 16-3-1 ATS start through the first four weeks, we've continued our strong selections and remain in the top-5 out of ... More

NFL Handicapping – A Look at the SuperContest and My 16-3-1 ATS Start

A record 1,727 entries in the 2015 SuperContest FairwayJay 16-3-1 ATS and Top-5 through 4 Weeks I receive many inquiries about my football picks each week. While it's always gratifying to select more winners than losers and reward clients and members with more victories and value, I take pride in the process and research to provide insight and analysis in support of selections. I’ll provide more insight on handicapping and analyzing sporting events in the near future, but here is an ... More


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Last Home Games and Late Season Situations for Thursday, Feb. 22

Last Home Games and Late Season Situations Highlight Cards to Close Season So many late season college basketball situations and emotions as we head towards the final two weekends of the regular season. As I handicapped the card and evaluate the lines at the leading sports books for Thursday, Feb. 22, here are some situations of note, including last home games, along with some game analysis. Last Home Games Wisconsin at Northwestern (-3.5). Two teams that won at least one game in last ... More

Last Home Games Add More Emotion to Final Weeks of Regular Season

How to Use the Emotion and Situations Surrounding Last Home Games The final two weeks of the regular season are upon us as teams push for conference titles and prepare for the conference tournaments and a run to the NCAA tourney. We’ve outlined some late season situations to evaluate in recent articles and pointed out the strength of home court in college basketball. In the last two weeks alone, nine teams lost for the first time this season after being undefeated at home, and just seven ... More

Ole Miss at Missouri Game Analysis

Missouri in 4-way tie for 3rd place while Ole Miss Struggles to Close out Season to Forget Tuesday, Feb. 20 Ole Miss at Missouri (-7.5) - what's going on here?  Line dropped 2 points to 7.5 despite Ole Miss' questionable cohesion and focus with solid outgoing coach Andy Kennedy, who decided to step aside for good following Sunday's game. Assistant Tony Madlock takes over but it's a tough situation in the locker room for a Rebels group that has not responded well. Ole Miss (4-10) is ... More

College Basketball Betting and Situational Handicapping with Analysis for Feb. 15

College Basketball Situational Betting Feb. 15 My recent article on late season situational handicapping has gained more interest, especially after the Feb. 14 games in which I provided game analysis and insight to support the situations. I outlined 6 games with analysis, and faded one of the situations on Florida State, and Clemson (+4.5) never trailed until overtime before falling 81-79. Tough loss for the Tigers, but a winner in the pocketbook at the sports book as we provided reasons to ... More

Betting for Value on Valentine’s Day

A Guy’s Guide To Bluffing and Betting For Value On Valentine’s Day In theory, Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day to celebrate romantic love with a spouse or significant other. So as the big day arrives, I thought I would chip-in some thoughts and tips on emotions and betting. Valentine's Day generates big spending, in the tens of billions of dollars annually in the United States. From retail sales of candy, jewelry, lingerie, cards, flowers, dinner and other gifts, the heart-filled ... More

College Basketball Games and Analysis on Feb. 14

College Basketball Marquee Matchups and Situational Handicapping If you read my recent article regarding late-season situational handicapping, you may have picked up a little more insight on how to evaluate certain match-ups and ways to apply stats and match-up analysis to a specific situation. On February 13, Missouri delivered a SU/ATS home win at a short price applying the situation below - winning teams playing at home with redemption. Here are some games and match-ups on Feb. 14 with ... More

Late Season Situational Handicapping

Proven Profiles in Identifying And Evaluating Late Season Situations and Stats This is the time of the college basketball season when many of our long term positive profiles and strong situations develop. While the betting lines at the sports books may get tighter and the margin of victories are a little less than previous months, we counter with situational handicapping and proven profiles using second meets, qualified revenge and sweep situations, last home games and additional ... More

National Horseplayers Championship Begins in Las Vegas

The National Horseplayers Championship (NHC) precedes the Kentucky Derby Betting Championship (KDBC) and is the Biggest Betting Event of the Year. The Road to the Kentucky Derby may be in full stride with 16 Derby prep races completed and the biggest races coming in March with the Championship Series. But this weekend in Las Vegas is the horse handicapper’s largest event of the year. THE “Super Bowl” of horse racing where horse players participate in the NTRA National Horseplay... More