Bills vs Colts And NFL Super Wild Card Betting Tips

I chip-in throughout each week at popular sports betting news site TheLines. For the NFL Playoffs, I added some ways to bet on both the Buffalo and Indianpolis in the Bills vs Colts contest. Included are sportsbook options and other ways to bet than just the side, total or moneyline. However, we finished Week 17 with a 3-0 underdog report on our weekly ‘Dog log and look forward to chipping in more information you can bet on each football season and during the playoffs.

Bills vs ColtsProposition bets and player props are available on selected key players during the NFL playoffs. I didn’t get into specifics on some players early week, as the player props were not posted yet. But things to consider on not only players, but how to look at props, sportsbooks and where the betting activity is going.

Are the Bills going to Stapede the Colts? I added a Super Wild Card update in an article at Forbes for the Bills vs Colts match-up.

I also added a popular bets update for Super Wild Card Weekend in my recent report at Offshore Gaming Association.

Most bettors believe in Buffalo, with approx. 80% of the spread bets and money supporting the Bills at numberFire’s oddsfire – a FanDuel platform where I also contribute. Other options are to tease the Bills down to pk (half point) and add another leg, like the Rams (+10).

I correspond with sportsbook directors from leading online sportsbooks during each week and receive betting data updates. While many bettors continue to bet favorites, you can expand your scope looking for value, underdogs and prop bets including player props that often offer much more opportunity and a better chance to cash in.

10 ways to bet on the Buffalo Bills in the NFL Playoffs and Super Wild Card round

10 ways to bet on the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL Playoffs and Super Wild Card round

I hope to chip in and add more prop bets and player props as the playoffs progress and in the sports seasons ahead. You can check out some of my recent work at Forbes where I added some regular season player props on the Titans Derrick Henry and Browns Kareem Hunt, and fading Patriots QB Cam Newton, among other winning wagers and player props.

Plenty of opportunities ahead in the NFL Playoffs to cash in on proposition bets and player props, including the biggest event in Super Bowl LV.

You can bet on it.

Author: FairwayJay is a leading national sports betting analyst, writer, handicapper and sports betting insider providing insight and information you can bet on for nearly two decades from Las Vegas. He chips in additional sports betting coverage and reporting on industry news and events for leading media and sports betting sites and companies. Follow him on Twitter: @FairwayJay