Betting On The 2020 NFL Draft And Insight From William Hill

I talked with William Hill US Director of Trading Nick Bogdanvich this past week and he shared some of the prop bets and wagering expectations for the 2020 NFL Draft.

“This year’s draft will be by far the biggest handle we’ve seen,” Nick Bogdanovich said. “As an isolated event, there is more interest.” The William Hill US Director of Trading added, “Had the NFL draft been held in Las Vegas as originally scheduled, there’s no telling how much would have been bet but we would have written an insane amount of money.”

More insight and information in my bookmakers betting on props article at Forbes. 

Bookmakers create more props to drive interest and wagering activity. But the NFL Draft is not a big money maker for the sportsbooks. The NFL Draft generates more buzz and activity, so bookmakers continue to add more draft props and creative ideas to generate more bets and a bigger handle.

Plenty of NFL mock drafts to evaluate including the Pro Football Focus big board. Added draft coverage at TheLines and draft props to compare at big bookmakers FanDuel and DraftKings sportsbooks.

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